We have many years of experience with developing web pages, games and applications for mobile platforms, web and desktop. Our major advantages are our programming skills, we can do for you a lot of coding stuff, we can help you with your incomplete project, or with completion and optimization of your almost finished one, or even make the whole project for you. We can also provide you professional help with GML and things around development. Everything depends on your needs.
  • code the whole project (2D/3D)
  • completion and optimization of an almost completed project
  • porting of an existing project to various platforms
  • help with online databases and server back-ends
  • adding features such as networking, mobile ads, achievements, leader-boards etc.
  • professional help with GML and development issues


Prices depend on the complexity and length of the work, but also on the agreement, standard prices are around 12 to 25 USD / hour.

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